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Custom UHF Washable Farbic Sewing U8U9 RFID laundry Tag 70*10mm

Manufacturer Location: Shenzhen, China

Specifically designed to identify linen products.

Resistant to harsh laundry environments.

Easy to affix onto textile items.

Discreet, easy to integrate into textile items.

Excellent read performance.

Guaranteed to withstand 200 commercial washings or 3 years.

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Prodcut Details

Material Multi threads woven stainless steel, polyester, epoxy
~ 0.7g/pc
Washing Cycles
200 cycles or 3 years
Air Interface Protocol:
EPC Class1 Gen2; ISO18000-6C
Operating Frequency:
Global (860-960 MHz)
IC Type:
Ucode8/9 or Others
EPC 128/96 bit
Data Retention
20 years
Reading Distance
Fixed: over 6m (ERP=2W) Handheld: more than 3m (with ATID AT880 handheld)
Tag Form Factor:
Soft tag
Attachment Method:
Sewn in hem, inserted in hem, sewn into patch, directly onto textile
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Cardcube UHF RFID Laundry Tags are made of a fabric label embedded with an ultra-small UHF device coupled to a sewed thread antenna. The Cardcube Laundry tag measures out to be a sleek 70*10 mm. Discreet and non-obtrusive, it can be seamlessly inserted in the hems of textile items to enable fast identification and automated counts, individually, or in bulk quantities. Cardcube tags are robust and designed to endure typical industrial laundry processes, such as washing, drying, and ironing.

Truly meet and exceed an industrial washing life of over 200 cycles;
Material and design tested for reliability;
Nearly 100 million units have been shipped and approved by many customers worldwide.

* In the sewing installation, the sewing line can not damage the metal line on the label and the chip module;
* Different tag size, and different read and write facilities have different read and write performance.


  • Passing MRI test, able to pass CT and stylus test;
  • Passed GB18401 test, harmless to skin;
  • RoHS test, no toxic and non-carcinogenic substances;
  • EU SVHC test, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic substances;
  • Pass the EU OEKO-TEX Std 100 test, no toxic substances
  • Soft, no harm to textiles;
  • The chip module size is one of the smallest in the international market;
  • Able to withstand 60 Bars of pressure;
  • One of the few RFID wash tags on the global market that can actually withstand 200 RFID wash tags that can withstand 200 industrial washes;


  • Operating temperature: -25 degrees ~ +110 degrees
    Storage temperature: -40 degrees ~ +85 degrees
    Short-term temperature resistance
    1) Washing: 90 degrees, 15 minutes, 200 times
    2) Pre-drying in rotary oven: 180 degrees, 30 minutes, 200 times
    3) Ironing: 180 degrees, 10 seconds, 200 times
    4) High temperature sterilization: 135 degrees, 20 minutes, 200 times
  • Storage humidity: 5%~95%
  • Installation method*
    Sewing type: sewn inside the rolled edge, or installed inside the woven label sleeve
    Ironing type: Hot ironing at 218℃@18 seconds and 0.6~0.8MPa pressure
    Ironing installation, or stitching installation
  • Pressure: 60 bars
  • Chemical performance: withstands all chemicals used in normal industrial washing processes
  • RoHS and SVHC: Passed
  • MRI test: Passed
  • GB18401 test: Passed
  • OEKO-TEX: Passed


  • Industrial laundry management;
  • Cloth rental management;
  • Uniform management and laundry management;
  • Workwear rental and laundry management;
  • Hospital fabric and laundry management;
  • Military clothing and clothing management;
  • Railroad fabric management and laundry management;
  • Police clothing management;
  • Personnel management;
  • Firefighting clothing and soft material management;
  • Other applications requiring soft and pressure resistant products;

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Custom UHF Washable Farbic Sewing U8U9 RFID laundry Tag 70*10mm

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Custom UHF Washable Farbic Sewing U8U9 RFID laundry Tag 70*10mm

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