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Custom Mini Epoxy PPS RFID Laundry Tag 13.56Mhz

Manufacturer Location: Shenzhen, China

Made of durable PPS material, each RFID PPS tags withstands manufacturing and processing temperatures of 180° C or higher, enabling tag encapsulation in a broad range of end-use housings or use as-is.  And then Cardcube customize these tags for you

To handle harsh warehouse and factory environment, the RFID PPS tag is with filling epoxy Technics. As a result, it would made the tag complete water and oil proof.

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Product parameter

Material PPS + Epoxy
φ15mm, φ18mm, φ20mm, φ26mm, φ30mm, etc.
2.5mm or on demand
Working Temperature
-30°C to 200°C
Washing Cycles
200 cycles or 3 years
Air Interface Protocol:
EPC Gen2v2/ISO14443A/ISO15693 (depend on chip)
Operating Frequency:
UHF (860-960 MHz)/13.56Mhz(NFC)
IC Type:
Ntag213,Ntag215, Ntag216, ICODE SLI Series, Ucode8/9 etc
Tracking management Hospital uniforms Linens/ Pallets/ Canvas bags Use in hotel sheet Attached to textile Work clothing
Sample Charge
We can offer free sample that is in stock,but the freight need to be paid by you.
We accept T/T,Paypal,Escrow,Western Union,trade assurance etc.

In addition, the tag sustains heat, pressure and chemicals.  Therefore, the pps tag is perfectly suited for garment classification and to facilitate inventory processes in hotels, hospitals and other institutions.

Last but not least, Cardcube accept the OEM manufacturing of the tag, and we provide our partners the different customization Technics on the tag.


  • Waterproof & Good insulation performance
  • High-temperature resistance & Rubbing resistance
  • Anti-interference design
  • Near-field multi-label recognition
  • Pressure resistant & Chemical corrosion resistance
  • Recyclable for more than 200 times
  • Support for customization
  • Guaranteed to withstand 200 commercial washings or 3 years. 
Custom Mini Epoxy PPS RFID Laundry tag size 1442

RFID Tag/Lable Application

Wine Warehousing Tickets Retail
Pallet Identification
Package Tracking
Liquid Tube
Automobile Tracking
Cold Chain Management
Automotive Tire Tagging
Asset Tracking

RFID Tag Type

RFID Label

Authoritative Certification


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Custom Mini Epoxy PPS RFID Laundry Tag 13.56Mhz

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Custom Mini Epoxy PPS RFID Laundry Tag 13.56Mhz

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