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China's largest manufacturer of RFID TAGS

We can make RFID tag in any form and encode your tags

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CARDCUBE is a provider of RIFD Inlay&Label solutions with a focus on the development and manufacturing of soft HF/NFC/UHF tags.

Since the structure of the antenna (as well as the type of chip) is a deciding factor in the performance of the tag, we present the product using the antenna diagram of the tag. Antenna wireforms and requirements vary depending on the application. Customization is possible for the label’s outer pattern’s design and printing.

If you are unsure how to choose a label. You can also request a sample of the product from one of our RFID experts, who will design the RFID tag that best fits your application.

Impinj MR6-P


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NFC/RFID Tag Application

Pet & Livestock Tracking Inventory Management Asset Tracking & Equipment Tracking Inventory Control
Cargo & Supply Chain Logistics
Vehicle Tracking
Customer Service & Loss Control
Improved Visibility & Distribution in the Supply Chain
Access Control in Security Situations
Retail Sales
Tap-and-Go Credit Card Payments
Cosmetics & Medicines
Jewelry Security Control
Control of Disposable and Tools in Hospitals

If you want to know how to order or which RFID/NFC chip tag will be your best choice, please feel free to contact us. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our tag experts.

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