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We Are CardCube

Your Partner in CHINA

Founded in 2010, over the years, CardCube has become the market leader for plastic cards, smart cards, RFID wristbands, keyfobs, and RFID custom products. As the largest manufacturer of Plastic card & RFID custom products, CardCube owns three marketing teams, one design team, one research team with more than 600 staff. The headquarter is located in Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, which covers approximately 40,000 square meters, and it’s branch factory lies in Ningxia that covers an area of 13,000 square meters in total.Our professional R&D team and manufacturing team with strong technology make it possible for us to provide customers with one-stop service, including designing, developing, producing,personalizing and packing.

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We are ready to work with you

Our professional R&D team and manufacturing team with strong technology make it possible for us to provide customers with one-stop service, including designing, developing, producing,personalizing and packing

Why Choose Us?

Source factory

Established in 2010, about 40,000 ㎡ factony. We have three factories in China, more than 500 employees. Super competitive price

Self-operated mold manufacturing

Independently operated mold manufacturing Workshop to provide you the best RFID product customized solution.

Rich project experience

Over 100 kinds of mature RFID product solutions, suitable for retail, tourism, industry, medical, logistics, security and public transportation industry.

Uphold the sprit of contract

Provide sample protection plan and order confidentiality service, accpet NDA agreement

OEM/ODM service

We can provide different size, shapes, color, materials, printing craft and chips, customized to your request. And also accept custom packaging the mark label and packaging

Fast delivery

The payment of neutralized products will be packaged and shipped within 48 hours, and customized orders will be completed within 7days.

We Can Customize RFID Tags in Any Form

Real source factory, welcome to visit


Monthly Output: 30,000,000 Pieces

Heidelberg CMYK off-set printing machine, 3 times inspection before shipment; 100% full inspection, excellent quality.

Successful Cases:
Nigerial and Philippines Voter Card
Iran and Malaysia Metro Ticket & Token
Genting Highlands
Marriot, Hilton Hotel
Singapore Airlines Project etc.

Rich experience in National ID card project, hotel, transportation, subway, school, gym, retail and other industries


RFID Wristband

Monthly Output: 1,000,000 Pieces

6 sets valcanizing machines to meet the demand of large orders.
Design – mold opening – sample – bulk production are completed “in house”

Fundan 1k and TK4100 are availabel in stock, urgen order can be shipped within two workdays

RFID Keyfob

Monthly Output: 10,000,000 Pieces

9 sets of injection molding machines, 21 sets of winding machines, 4 sets of laser machines
ABS, PPS, PC, TPU, PVC, silicone, wood and other materials can be customized, as well as appearance and size.
Cardcube RFID Tag

RFID Labels

Monthly Output: 100,000,000 Pieces

We are a professional RFID inlay & label manufacturer that offers and customizes dry/wet inlays, HF/UHF RFID labels, library RFID tags, RFID jewelry tags, RFID tags for healthcare, RFID tags for woven tags, hang tags, RFID ECO tags, laundry tags, ticket cards, tamper proof labels, and anti-liquid labels.

These products can be applied in logistics, retail, anti-counterfeiting, jewelry, clothing, medical care, transportation, archives, books, tickets, aviation and many other industries.
The company is well equipped with German Mühlbauer bonding machines, converting machines, Voyantic Tagformance & Tagsurance test equipment, and etc. to guarantee to provide high quality and consistent performance of RFID products to our customers.

Our new RFID production facility, located in Ningxia, China.

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Headquarter Factory Address: 3 Building,Longwo Industrial Park,Longtian Street Pingshan new districe,Shenzhen,China.

Branch Factory Address: Building D, Minning Industrial Park, Sijixian wholesale market, Haicheng Town, Haiyuan County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China.


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