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HF 13.56Mhz CC1515 FUDAN F08 (MIFARE 1K Compatible) Antenna Size 15*15mm

Manufacturer Location: Shenzhen, China

CC1515 is an antenna specifically for use with FUDAN F08 (MIFARE 1K Compatible) chip. It has an antenna width of 15mm, a height of 15mm. It used in a wide range of applications such as physical access control, cashless vending, car-parking, and transport across businesses, leisure/sports clubs, education, and event venues. As Fudan F08 (MIFARE 1K Compatible) has compatibility with NFC applications they are used as a tag for marketing events, interactive posters, trade shows and displays.

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Product parameter

Antenna Model CC1515
Antenna Size
ISO/IEC 14443A
FUDAN F08 (MIFARE 1K Compatible)
1024x8 bits
IC Life
200,000 programing cycles/10 years data retention
Operating Type
Passive with high reading & write sensitivity
Tag Size
Customized Size (at least 3 mm larger than the antenna size)
Reading Range
1-5 CM
Antenna Material
PET base + Aluminum foil antenna
Surface Material
Coated Paper, Brightening PVC, Brightening PET, Transparent PET, Transparent PVC, Carbon Paper, PP synthetic Paper, PET Synthetic Paper, Thermal Paper, Fragile Paper
Backing Paper Material
Glassine release paper
Operating Limits
-70℃/ 20%~90% RH.
Storage Limits:
-20~50℃ / 20%~90% RH(Without condensation).
Inlay Format
In roll
Delivery Format
2000-5000pcs/roll, 4 rolls /carton
Sample Charge
We can offer free sample that is in stock,but the freight need to be paid by you.
We accept T/T,Paypal,Escrow,Western Union,trade assurance etc.

RFID Tag/Lable Application

Wine Warehousing Tickets Retail
Pallet Identification
Package Tracking
Liquid Tube
Automobile Tracking
Cold Chain Management
Automotive Tire Tagging
Asset Tracking

RFID Tag Type

RFID Label

Authoritative Certification


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HF 13.56Mhz CC1515 FUDAN F08 (MIFARE 1K Compatible) Antenna Size 15*15mm

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HF 13.56Mhz CC1515 FUDAN F08 (MIFARE 1K Compatible) Antenna Size 15*15mm

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