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Dual Chip RFID Key Fob

Dual Chip RFID Key Fob is available in Our No.3 ABS RFID Key Fob, with Dual Chips to suit different applications and environments, use one RFID Key Fob for two applications at the same time. such as door lock, time and attendance system, locker, hotel, swimming pools, pool areas, saunas, spas or other entertainment events.

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Dual Chip RFID Key Fob

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We are RFID Key Fob Manufacturer

We are RFID Key Fob manufacturer from China, we have our own factory to help you with the whole process of ordering RFID KeyFobs from design, to production and shipping. We have been OEM for global famous brands and traders, with real factory price and worldwide shipping. We offer free samples, if you need help,  feel free to contact us.

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